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The primary goal of the OJAS is to encourage secondary school students to participate in scientific research by furnishing an outlet for and evaluation of their research at regional and state science meetings. Student research is encouraged in all fields of science, including but not limited to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, and Geography.


Students in grades seven (7) through twelve (12) who devise and develop a research idea may enter and present a research paper at the OJAS regional meeting of their choice. At each regional meeting those students whose written and oral presentations reflect a quality research project are selected to present their papers at the state OJAS meeting.

General Procedures:

When a student's research is completed, the student should prepare a written report of the findings and select a regional meeting site for presentation of their findings. The written report, registration form, and fees must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date of the regional meeting, to the regional coordinator at the regional meeting site chosen. Details of exactly where and at what times the regional meeting will be held is available from the regional coordinators.


The written and oral presentations will be judged on the basis of quality of experimentation, observation, and presentation. Originality, creativity and accuracy in reporting will be the principal criteria used by the judges. A completed research project is expected to show data that has been collected and appropriate conclusions drawn from that data.


No research paper may be entered at any level that is considered by the judges, coordinators or director to be essentially a duplicate of a paper given by any student in previous year(s).
A student may enter his or her research paper only once at the regional meeting of their choice. No student may enter a research paper at more then one regional meeting. A student paper which has not been recommended for the state meeting at the regional level cannot enter the state meeting.
The following is to be used as a guide for selecting the proper category for your research project. This list is in no way inclusive and subjects that are not listed will be considered. Please note that the final decision as to which category you will compete in is made by the judges, regional coordinators, and/or state director.
The major subdivisions are: Biological Sciences, and Physical Sciences. The Area Subject Disciplines are; Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Social Sciences, Chemistry, Earth/Space Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Geology, Biomedical, Physiology, Human Behavior, Biochemistry, Engineering, and Animal Behavior.
All student presenters at the regional or state meetings are required to have registered online, paid fees, and have an advising Teacher, Scientist, or Parent. Registration forms are available from regional and state coordinators or the OJAS State Director.



Junior and Senior High School teachers, scientists, and parents are encouraged to:
        1. Inform students about the Junior Academy of Science program.
        2. Assist students in finding and developing their research.
        3. Aid students in contacting college and university faculty members, industrial scientists, or other appropriate scientists who are willing to consult with students and help them further their research ideas. It is often possible for a student to make use of specialized research equipment through these contacts.
        4. Contact any of the OJAS regional coordinators or the State Director for more information.

          All cooperating teachers of those students who present their papers at a OJAS meeting are asked to certify that, to the best of their knowledge, the work being presented was done by the student, and that the work that other persons have contributed is properly referenced. In those cases where the research was done at a facility away from the school, the research adviser will provide this certification.

Note: Awards presented at each OJAS Meeting are variable and depend upon the number of sponsors and amount of financial support available. In general the following is guide for the awards made at the State Meetings. A more complete listing of awards made in past years can be found in the Transactions of the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science.


The following corporations, persons, companies, and organizations have sponsored awards for both the Regional and State OJAS meetings. The OJAS wishes to thank them for their continued generous donations.

National Youth Science Camp (West Virginia).
Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.
Oklahoma Water Resource Board.
Oklahoma Nongame Program.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
BancFirst Foundation.
Phillips Petroleum Foundation.
Boatmen's First National Bank.
Samuel Noble Foundation.
Oklahoma Society of Clinical Laboratory Educators.
Oklahoma Chapter of the Soil & Water Conservation Society.
Mr. Jimmie Pigg.
Clean Lakes Society.
Oklahoma Society of Environmental Health Professionals.
Oklahoma Physiology Society.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.
DOE H.S. Honors Research Program.
Oklahoma State Health Department.
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.
Oklahoma Geological Survey.
U.S. Geological Survey.
Williams Company Foundation.
Conoco Company.
Public Service Company.
Sun Company.
Dr. Don Noble.
Oklahoma Medical Service Committee.
Oklahoma Zoological Society.
Oklahoma Science Teachers Association.
Oklahoma Native Plant Society.
Oklahoma Chapter of American Fisheries Society.
Dr. George Hulsey.
Dr. Kathleen Donovan
Dr. Lawrence Magrath


Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science,
Office of the Director:

Dr. Rahmona Thompson is the Director of the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science. She can be contacted in the following ways:

email: rthompsn@ecok.edu

Dr. Rahmona Thompson
East Central University
Department of Biology, PMB B-3
1100 East 14th St
Ada, OK 74820

Work phone: 580-559-5495


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Edmond, Ok 73034
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